Is it ok for third-parties to implement Royale protocol?

IOHK has published interesting research papers of secure multi-party poker protocol, I guess IOHK developer team has devoted all the resource to develop Cardano, so I wonder is it ok for a third-party team to implement this protocol.

The whole purpose of Royale is to be ran on a sidechain and computation layer and then settled on the settlement layer. Without this feature, you’ll be eating up blocks for every bet and round of poker. Right? What other platform currently operates on multilayered smart contracts that don’t have to settle every time?

Maybe run with some emulators of computation layer and sidechain at first, then wait for the real stuff get out.

Possible, but what would be your incentive? It’s supposed to be fair for all parties without the house taking a rake. If you just want to play poker on a blockchain that bad, maybe. Probably just best for the real one. I mean what happens if your program has a glitch and idiots start blaming cardano instead of the program? It seems risky to me.

Hopefully they will open it up and make transaction fee’s from third party’s using it. It would be a powerful testament to Cardano infrastructure and could generate substantial revenue for Cardano imo, and for the third party’s that use it in their games as it’s ‘provably’ fair.

I don’t think it’s under patent so you can do whatever you want. I hope to implement it myself on my blog.