01.03.2018 - IOHK | Cardano whiteboard; Kaleidoscope, Bernardo David

In the latest Cardano Whiteboard video, IOHK researcher Bernardo David introduces Kaleidoscope, a cryptographic protocol for securely playing poker, a research paper accepted to Financial Cryptography 2018.

Cryptographic protocols can be used to securely play poker over a network without trusting any third party. Constructing such protocols has been a research topic since the early days of modern cryptography. However, no cryptographic poker protocol has ever been adopted for real applications, mainly due to financial, security, and efficiency concerns.

Kaleidoscope https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/899 “Kaleidoscope, eprint, IACR”, is the first cryptographic poker protocol to address these three issues. It is the first protocol to be proven secure according to a comprehensive security model that formally and clearly captures all the properties and guarantees commonly required from a poker protocol. Moreover, Kaleidoscope employs blockchain techniques to ensure that winners receive their rewards and that cheaters are financially penalized. Even though it is mathematically proven to achieve security while providing financial rewards and penalty enforcements, Kaleidoscope achieves very high efficiency in comparison to existing solutions (which have not been formally proven secure).

Watch the video here:

And read the blog here: https://iohk.io/blog/kaleidoscope-a-cryptographic-protocol-for-securely-playing-poker


And it’s use, in plain English is? Can it be used in online casinos, and is it related in any way to cardano?

Yes, as described in the blog its use is aimed at online casinos, or more accurately, as an alternative to using online casinos. The research going into Kaleidoscope (and Royale) by IOHK are taking into consideration and finding solutions to the current issues seen by cryptographic poker protocols: security, efficiency and financial considerations.

To answer your second question: This does relate to Cardano as the IOHK researchers looking into this multiparty computation protocol are doing so with the goal of bringing it into practical use, by using smart contracts (which will be handled once the Cardano Computation Layer is launched).


Proof of gambling addiction :smile:? Love it.

It sounds like they will present the proof at a conference. Any sense of whether this would be the first DAPP written on Cardano? If so, decentralized gambling would be a great preliminary use case in my opinion.

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I watched it a week or two weeks ago and read the paper when CH tweeted it back to late Feb and indeed it’s very interesting and promising for the future applications.