Decentralized Casinos?

Would it be possible to make online casinos on the Cardano platform, powered by ADA? I think this would help drive mass adoption and usage but I don’t know if it’s possible


Yes, absolutely possible. It would bring a lot of peace of mind and security to the players experience. Having been a former professional online poker player, I can attest to the shadiness that is online poker rooms and casinos. Virtually none of these sites hold a fully backed reserve account for players funds. Additionally, players do not know if the card distribution is actually random, or if their cards are able to be seen by other players/admins.

Moving online casinos onto blockchain would bring huge benefits. You could have players deposit into a smart contract where they would not need to trust the casino to hold their funds and return funds when they cashout. Additionally, using protocols like Kaleidoscope and Royale would allow randomness and logic to be run on a decentralized network instead of on servers where the results could be altered without a players knowing.


Wow, I think that is the next step. There are two other coins doing this (you know who they are but I don’t want to be accused of a shill) and that has turned into HUGE traffic. I’ve known about Cardano for 3 years but today is the first day I went to the website and started really checking them out. It occured to me that Dapps is where they need to be focusing - fun user Dapps you can actually play.

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Gambling? I think there’s a paper for that. Kaleidoscope:An Efficient Poker Protocol with Payment Distribution and Penalty Enforcement. I haven’t read it myself, yet, though.

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Hi Wes_B,

Welcome to the forum! Yes I also think that Cardano has a lot of attractive features for Gaming Daps. It is going to be an exciting time over the rest of this year as smart contracts come on line.

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It’s been done with past DAPPs, I see no reason why it wouldn’t be a thing within Cardano.

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