Is there a way to generate wallet id from mnemonic offline?

I have noticed that the wallet Id is deterministic, and derives from the mnemonics.
Looked all other the cardano sources and I can’t seem to find leads (I’m also not a Haskell programer)
Is there any C# example of how to derive/encode the base58 Ae2tdPwUPEZMeiDfNHZ.... from a given 12 word mnemonic offline without requesting the api?

For that matter, is there a way to derive the wif public address (DdzFFzCqrhsg9ngNRhHEa49se7...) given the mnemonic and the account index?

I’m assuming the accounts are derived from m/44'/1815'/[account_number]'

I also wonder why there isn’t any info about the HD xpub anywhere?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

P.S: I use NBitcoin in .NET if that can help.

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