How to convert private key to a mnemonic word phrase

in testnet
I’ve created an account with command:
./jcli key generate --type=Ed25519Extended
and sent some ADA on it successfully.
So I have the account private key and address.

Now I would like to manage, this created account with a yoroi wallet,
but I need a mnemonic word to restore.

I know that cardano-wallet can generate private key from mnemonic word with command
./cardano-wallet mnemonic reward-credentials

Anyone knows if is possible to do the opposite?


There is no way to generate mnemonic from a private key.

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And a wallet on testnet that restore from PK?

You cannot restore a wallet from a public key ofcourse.
I assume you meant the private key, but then what you’re looking at from cardano wallet is not the root key itself, its a derived key (think of it as a child key) derived from key that your mnemonics generated.
While you can unlock “a” HD wallet or an account with a private key (using WASM for example), it will not be the same as the original one you used in cardano wallet (which - for now - only allows restoring via mnemonics)


Thank you,
yes I meant private key or SK secret key.
I’ll look to WASM .