ISPO KYC proposal (CIP-0989?)

The CIP editors & maybe the author would like more input from the community before merging this draft as a CIP. Feel free to make concise technical comments here if you have a Github account, as well as posting your feedback here on the forum:

A draft of the proposal is currently readable here; this proposed scheme would be optional for project ISPOs who might want to assure KYC compliance for their stake pools: CIPs/ at CIP-0989-ISPO · johnalanwoods/CIPs · GitHub

Merging would make it an official proposal rather than a standard: generally when CIP’s are marked “Active” it means they’re being used as a “standard” would be. The status of this proposal is “Draft” meaning (among other things) it doesn’t have an acknowledged implementation.

If anyone involved technically with an ISPO would like to comment about this proposed framework, now is the time. Also maybe someone involved with Atala might ring in (@alexis.hernandez)?

There was a similar idea on the forum a while ago, although not explicitly for KYC purposes & I don’t remember a CIP coming out of it… maybe @jochen would comment?

call for discussion today in this month’s SPO Digest: a request for SPOs to “to get involved, contribute and share your thoughts” around this CIP :nerd_face: