Issue runing a node

I have been tring to run a cardano node, i would like to integrate cardano with another app. I don’t know what is the best aproach, but i tried runing “cardano-node” on windows, using the one that comes with the daedalus wallet. And now i just tried to build from source on linux (following run “cardano-node-simple”. In both cases i get the same errors:

dnsSubscriptionWorker: no relays found for index 1
_ dnsSubscriptionWorker: DNS failure for index 1: [NameError]_
enqueue instruction EnqueueAll {enqNodeType = NodeRelay, enqMaxAhead = MaxAhead 1, enqPrecedence = PHigh} failed to enqueue message MsgRequestBlockHeaders Nothing to forwarding sets [[]]

I’m the only one getting these errors? how can i run a cardano node?

I have the exact same issue.

@Blystad try this:

That worked for me. It’s sad that i couldn’t get a response neither on this forum or in the chat.

@Ramiro_Moreira That worked, thanks!

I have got exactly same problem :frowning:

No you don’t. After two years, with completely different code, it’s impossible. So why would you say that?