Jormungandr 8.6 is out

8.6 is out! On GitHub this should help greatly
New 0.8.6 release aims to improve greatly the network stability of the node. But not only. There have been a lot of code quality improvement in the network code, the storage and the service manager (the module that monitor all the tasks running in the node).

This release does not provide a quick solution to some of the issues reported by the community such as the clone stake pools problem. This is an issue linked to the incentive model and the issues of the network. Improving the network has a higher priority right now.


Great! Testing it out right now on - If uptime > 2 hours it is already an improvement over v0.8.5 :slight_smile:

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Nice website best of luck to you!

Daedalus rewards is working much better. Does this update have anything to do with that? If so, thanks!

Uptime is definitely better than V0.8.5, good update.


Here is great as well, 3hours without restart so far.

I had a good run on v0.8.6 but I got stuck and deleted storage. Huge mistake. Can not get leader started again. After 50minutes in bootstrap started at 0.433 and is slowly moving up. I think. Other node bootstrap 1 hour. Another stuck as soon as it starts. I have not had many issues and nothing like this over the past month.