Jormungandr Error`WARN blockchain is not moving up, the last block was n seconds ago, task: stuck_notifier`

I have recently been getting the error:

WARN blockchain is not moving up, the last block was 31077 seconds ago, task: stuck_notifier

Anybody else seen this or know what to do to remedy?

There are only two things (that I’m aware of) you can do when you see the stuck_notifier: either wait or restart so that the node can bootstrap again. The display of the seconds helps you to decide whether it is useful to wait.

Regarding this topic, you can find some clever scripts here: Useful scripts for stake-pool operators

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Those straightpool scripts are the wheel I almost reinvented. Thanks for directing me and others to them. I am interested as well at an deployment config Bakon has set up.

E58: The Bakon Stake Pool is operated by Cardano enthusiasts. We run Jormungandr in a docker container between two docker swarm workers in two separate data centers for redundancy. The second docker worker is setup to pick up the slack automatically.

Seems like something I might try with any system that demands High Availability. Like a node. So… what are people doing for HA that legitimately is healthy for this chain and for great good.


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