, More Cardano dApps Add Yoroi Wallet Desktop Support

Interact with new dApps that added Yoroi Wallet Desktop Support for January 2024

Entering 2024, Yoroi Wallet – our community-driven open-source light wallet for the Cardano ecosystem – is now supported by several additional Cardano dApps. DApps with Yoroi Wallet desktop support provide our users direct access to a broader range of digital assets, like NFTs, and facilitate decentralized trading and other DeFi activities.

Check out the January 2024 list and interact with any of these dApps using your desktop Yoroi Wallet. (Mobile support to follow.) You can perform transactions, access features, or engage in activities within these dApps using Yoroi Wallet. As the Cardano ecosystem continues to evolve, it is clear that our wallet will be at the forefront of connecting users to the diverse opportunities offered by the Cardano ecosystem.

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NFT Marketplaces

Popular NFT marketplaces for Cardano offer support for Yoroi Wallet. Adding Yoroi Wallet support bridges the world of Cardano NFTs and our user-friendly wallet for a hassle-free experience for Cardano community enthusiasts looking to explore the vibrant world of CNFTs. Integration underlines the growing emphasis on accessibility in the NFT space, making it more welcoming for newcomers and experienced collectors. The Yoroi team is happy to welcome and Jam on Bread as dApps that added support for Yoroi in recent weeks and months.

The largest Cardano NFT marketplace.

An innovative NFT marketplace for Cardano.

Cardano DEX Aggregators

Connecting to Yoroi within several Cardano DEX aggregators allows more interconnectivity and user convenience for Yoroi users. DEX Aggregators simplify the trading experience by consolidating data from various Cardano DEXs, offering users a one-stop solution for trading, tracking, and managing their digital assets. By offering Yoroi support in popular Cardano DEX Aggregators, Yoroi users gain access to a comprehensive trading platform that combines the strengths of multiple DEXs. The Yoroi team is happy to welcome ADA Markets and DEX Hunter as DEX Aggregators that have added support for Yoroi in recent weeks and months.

The biggest Cardano DEX Aggregator for optimal DeFi trading.

A one-stop platform for all your Cardano native asset trading.

Other notable examples of Yoroi support include multiple Cardano dApps that facilitate advanced trading and other DeFi activities, such as:


A decentralized options protocol on Cardano.

Risk Ratings

A risk rating protocol.



A platform that will offer fungible synthetic derivatives, powered by oracle price feeds.

Cross Chain Bridges

A cross-chain bridge connecting Cardano and other blockchain ecosystems.

In recent weeks, more Cardano dApps have added Yoroi Wallet desktop support. Yoroi users can directly connect within the most popular Cardano NFT marketplaces, DEX aggregators, and other dApps – showcasing our adoption and inclusion with highly used dApps within the Cardano community! New integrations open new avenues for our users and the Cardano community through decentralized trading, DeFi activities, and a broader range of digital assets. We’re excited to see the Cardano Community transacting with ease using Yoroi.

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Developed by EMURGO Fintech a division within EMURGO – a founding entity of Cardano blockchain – Yoroi is an open-source crypto wallet for the Cardano ecosystem. Yoroi is also self-custodial, meaning the user has complete control over their Cardano ADA and can use it to stake and transact however you like. To help our users get the most out of their ADA, Yoroi gives you access to all the different stake pools available in the Cardano community, not just our own. Yoroi was the first light wallet supporting Cardano ADA. Yoroi has been providing users with transparency, increased security, and decentralized collaborative innovation since 2018.

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What is the reason why most apps don’t work with yoroi ? Why isn’t there a system that allows any wallet that is properly coded to connect to dapps ? It seems a bit odd that every dapp would have to manually add every wallet like this.

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They all do implement the same connector standard – CIP 30:

It was written with the idea that a dApp should not have to know which wallet apps there even are and just give a selection of all it finds and connect to them.

However, for more or less good reasons, almost all dApps have decided to not do that, but rather test with each wallet app and only give a selection of the ones they tested with, made some small changes, …

Part of the reason might be that they don’t want to do the support if users come up with wallet apps that they have not even tested. Part of it can be that wallet apps do things a bit differently if they are not sufficiently specified in CIP-30. Part of it can also be that it’s easier to special case for the concrete wallets than to come up with a general solution that works with everything they might get from a CIP-30 connection.

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I see thank you. It seems a bit against the whole philosophy of decentralization that those dapps are even able to prevent certain wallets from connecting. Ideally a dapp shouldn’t even know the name of the wallet used and just see that something using CIP 30 is connecting. And if the CIP 30 is properly implemented then connection is established…

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Apologies on the delay, didn’t see the notification for this!

Yes, in an ideal world they would be automatically added, and many dapps opt to implement a large number of wallets automatically; however, many also opt to do testing and support for the wallet to ensure that they receive the lowest number of support requests.

Is there a dapp you’re wanting to connect, but are unable to? I’ll be happy to look into getting Yoroi integrated.