Killer app on top of Cardano

Hi Friends,

I do have a couple of ideas that could potentially be useful for humanity but I don’t think as a business they are sustainable.

I want to hear your thoughts on what you think a killer app for Cardano looks like. Is it an e-commernce, medical related or something else ?

What are your thoughts friends ?

Blockchain in my opinion is a very good opportunity to get awareness regards money but not only…

For example, if you want to discover what is a cryptocurrency, you have to discover what is fiat money (and your awareness go to the moon)

I mean that we have to think out of the box and invent brand new kind of application.

What about:
Identity Management for the person who are not legally recognized or Banking application for the same people that does not know what the hell is a bank?

Blockchain can bring into economy billions of people
It is all about awareness on a global scale.


This is a really interesting way to look at Blockchain in general and I agree with you.

It seems like Cardano’s team is trying to create the first practical cryptocurrency that is widely adopted. It seems like Cardano’s wallet (DAEDALUS) is going to have a tones of features built into it.

Imagine a wallet that can help you to look after all your financial needs. DAEDALUS has a plugin system. so here my revisited question. what application is missing and what would be the killer app that community can help to create.

Timing is everything when it comes to ideas. Great idea doesn’t always become successful if the timing is not right. As of today marketcap for crypto currency is about 700B so I think the timing for creating a banking application is right, however I haven’t really seen a killer app that put all these great ideas together in a very user friendly fashion.

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It would be great to have a health care app that stores all your medical data so you can bring all your records with you where ever you are in the world. Change doctors - no problem - you have all your records from the beginning of time.

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I look at cardano and think , the answer could be anything that involves discovery of, seeking of value, connecting stakeholders, and distributing that value. I think when you look at it that way, the ledger TECH-as-a-market-maker … the first question to ask is what is your scope within that … it could be as big as the entire capability of the cardano dao, or it could be as small as a value offering tool or a connecting tool. I mean , let’s say prediction / rep markets … their more perfect implementation will be a feature that the cardano ecosystem offers us. The ability to create a perfect payment system for people , while grand in scale , is just a piece of what it is offering , in making the market for transactions.

Looking at it from high in the abstraction layer so to speak , there are probably 1000s of apps that can be , whether that is an automated interaction with a legal system , or the ability of an entrepreneur to share their vision, or even in finding new value in the world in a more cost effective and flexible way. What about an app that lets the layperson into their civil voting infrastructure, you don’t have to contact govt officials , you just have to help people build a credence agent and connect them to the stakeholders around them so that they can benefit from the information value and ethical values they possess, and companies like Walmart, Google, or mom and pop restaurant, can stake on their own knowledge of individuals’ actions , and thus a market is made.

Just some idle thoughts …

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Heres a tiny idea , what about a smart contract that allows a person cryptographic confidence in getting and possessing their genome ? Right now people are paying high $ for their own genetic identity , which, they cannot be sure at all that their unique information value isn’t being aggregated/exploited … what if you could offer a way for a consumer or owner of genetic identity a way to protect that , by offering robustly programmed confidence to them that their information is not being shared ? This is probably a dapp for the future , but consider it a small example case of “untapped value addessable by smart contracts”

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How about supply chain app to disrupt Amazon?

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Why Porn Might Just Be Crypto’s First Killer App

Not necessarily Cardano but still… :grinning: