Understanding Cardano potential uses in real life


First of all please excuse my bad english, I am a spanish speaker.

I am new in Cardano and blockchain, and I have been reading about how it works trying to understand how can blockchain be used in every day publications, but some things are very technical for me.

I understand the value of Cardano for investments and money transactions; but I am failing to see other applications. Can you please give me some examples of how can Cardano and blockchain in general be applied for instance to health, education, environment etc.?

Thank you!


Hi, Kramos.

Thanks for posting. One pilot program that is being worked on in Mongolia now is to use Blockchain to help monitor air quality in the City of UlaanBaatar. Citizens are asked to place air quality monitors in their homes and Information is collected on Atala which is IOHK’s Enterprise Blockchain solution. The Citizens are paid for this service with ADA on the Cardano Blockchain.

Other applications that spring immediately to mind are financial smart contracts like wills, Bonds and funds held in escrow acounts. Cardano has a special smart contract language called Marlowe that will make it easy for lawyers and accountants to write them.



Thank you very much for your answer Donnybaseball.

Ok please correct me if I’m wrong: what I understand from those examples is that Cardano would be usefull in cases where business or institutions need to reduce bureaucracy and improve efficiency, right?

Will Cardano network allow other type of functionalities like Apps, Gaming, Social networking, IoT, etc? Or is more oriented to financials and legal?

Please excuse me if the question is too basic, I read many things in crypto news aggregators and twitter but I don’t trust all the info out there…



I’m interested in this topic too.

I’m from Costa Rica, a country with literally hundreds of institutions and businesses run by the government (so many potential use cases), and trying to position itself as an IT and innovation hub in the region. The president himself is speaking of IoT, Blockchain and Clean Energy as the future, and I’m sure several government officials would be happy to hear about some potential use cases and ideas.

I am already working on a proposal I’ll send to the government, which essentially consists in declare Costa Rica a “Blockchain friendly” country and give incentives to attract tech companies. The country is small but with many skilled developers and engineers, many tech companies are already here (Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, IBM, VMWare, Akamai, etc).

It would be great to know some more examples of the potential of Cardano.


Welcome to the community @kramos! Great to have you. There are many knowledgeable and interesting people on this forum. I’m sure you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

Best, Sean


Hey, Kramos

Absolutely Dapps, Gaming, etc. will be possible on Cardano. Think of it as a better faster Ethereum with POS out of the gate.

The financial stuff is bonus.

Cardano has a focus on interoperability with other blockchains as well.


Here is More information on some of the Gambling work they are doing…

There are truly many, many things going on.


I’ve read this a few times, is there a source for this?

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It may seem hair-splitting, but the article does not mention ADA as a payment. So I guess we have to wait for details on that.

“…Putting thousands of sensors in place is expensive but people could be encouraged to do so, and keep them working, by being paid using Cardano as the aggregated data comes through…”

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Thank you very much Sean!

Awesome thank you Donnybaseball , very interesting reading. Didn’t know about Kaleidoscope, I’ll look for more info about it.

Thanks again ;).


Charles mentioned it in one of his latest AMA’s.

My point is whether ADA was explicitly mentioned as payment.

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Hi and welcome @kramos, @jandres4, there are countless use cases for blockchains.

Examples: sending value to one person to another, to register land owning, register people identity, universities may record students qualifications through blockchain, etc, etc

Due to its intrinsic characteristic of blockchains being immutable, plenty of other use cases are possible

Smart contracts will also add endless other use cases. Imagination may be the limit

Almost 200 documents were already translated and published in spanish in this forum. You will find them in the Education section by selecting the ones with the spanish flag (:es:)

Please just let me know if you have any doubt, so I will do my best to help you.


(:es:) Hola y bienvenidos @kramos, @jandres4, hay innumerables casos de uso blockchain.

Ejemplos: enviar valor a una persona a otra, registrar la propiedad de la tierra, registrar la identidad de las personas, las universidades pueden registrar las calificaciones de los estudiantes a través de una blockchain, etc etc

Debido a su característica intrínseca de que las blockchain son inmutables, son posibles muchos otros casos de uso.

Los contratos inteligentes también añadirán un sinfín de otros casos de uso. La imaginación puede ser el límite

Casi 200 documentos ya fueron traducidos y publicados en español en este foro. Los encontrarás en la sección de Educación seleccionando los que tienen la bandera de España (:es:)

Por favor, háganme saber si tienen alguna duda, así haré todo lo posible para ayudarlos.



This application was just fascinating to me, to hear Charles talk about the layered possibilities with Atala and Cardano just made my mind wander.

Muchas gracias Seba, por la bienvenida, por los ejemplos dados y por el trabajo de producir contenido en español.

Voy a recorrer los temas en español poco a poco para ir aprendiendo más, gracias!

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El tema es muy amplio, hay conceptos que para nuestro modo de pensar actual pueden todavia parecer muy radicales.
Te copio un par de articulos a ver si te sirven.

Que es un Libro Mayor?

Como la tecnología Blockchain podría cambiar las finanzas

Date tiempo para poder asimilar tantos conceptos nuevos, paciencia :wink:

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Hey muchas gracias Seba ;).

It’s true that at the core, the plutus and marlowe programming languages are meant to structure smart financial contracts, but the capability of cardano to plug-in to other platforms (interoperability) will make it possible and practical to open the ecosystem to almost everything, and at the same time keeping things secure because of the orientation and limitations of the Plutus code.

I think the applications are truly endless, but keep in mind that it would be the contribution of the community what will make Cardano, or any blockchain, great at the end. Just as Android will be bare lame with no apps, Cardano will be almost useless without really creative and well made dApps. Maybe in the future cardano will host services so complex such as Uber or Airbnb, where people will collaborate and bring resources together, who knows, maybe we can host the whole political and legal system of countries inside the most reliable, efficient and secure blockchain there is.
Fingers crossed!

I am from Mexico, so… Saludos!


Hola Hugo,

So that means that Cardano could also serve as an additional layer to communicate several blockchains between them?

Saludos desde Costa Rica!

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