Hello. Introducing KPOP POOL. (TICKER : KPOP)
24 x 365 Full operation and POOL Margin is set to 0%, so you can maximize your profit.
Let’s make a rich future together with KPOP POOL and CARDANO!

  • Live Stake: 361.04k ₳ (2020-8-16 01:41) It’s more and more from now!
  • Fixed fee: 340ADA
  • Variable fee: 0% !! (*:Promotion until 2020.12.31)
  • Website:
  • Pool ID: 3db67f65e86b0426a58ab605840c99dc9737f2fbb735a0727de605cf

Taking advantage of the experience of working as a UNIX engineer at a Japanese IT company,
We are now operating a POOL called KPOP.


The operation status is updated on Telegram at any time. Please feel free to come.
We pray for the health and longevity of those who read this article.

That’s a pretty good idea for building up live stake. Did you decide on an approximate variable fee from 2021 onwards?

★Thank you for your interest. Actually We plan to keep 0% even after 2021.
KPOP POOL want to create a better future with everyone.★