Kucoin to binance

Kucoin swears 4899 ADA were sent to Binance.

Binance says they never got them.

Obviously it’s between KuCoin and Binance.

If anyone could offer suggestions to resolve this I would appreciate it. I’ve sent emails to KuCoin – they sent it. I’ve sent emails to Binance-they never got it.

Each one blames the other. The address used to send them from is the correct address they were supposed to be received at.

The transfer shouldn’t have happened. It never did.

You have a transaction ID right?

Yes. I do have a transaction ID from KuCoin. I’ve hey had a discussion with Cuclone to make sure they actually have that transaction number and it is correct.

I gave the transfer/transaction number to Binance they’re pretending they know nothing.

Check the transaction ID on cardanoscan.io; if the ADA were sent to binance then the issue should be binance

Thx a bunch