List of Cardano Staking Pools July 2020

Here is the list of the official Cardano Stake Pools (Will be populated after the hard fork) - Official Stake Pool Edit - (This is for the old ITN network)
Here is the list of the unofficial Cardano Stake Pools (I can not verify the authenticity of this) - Unofficial Stake Pool

Edit - As far as I can find, there are no official stake pools for Cardano expect what is seen in the Daedalus wallet. But PoolTool is pretty good. Technically speaking if you can find the ticker in your Daedalus wallet, then it’s not official.


I’m still relatively new in the community. I have a fairly good understanding of they why and how of staking so I’m definitely doing it. My main question today and I guess tomorrow or whenever I can update Daedalus (I’m new enough that I still check how to spell Daedalus every time I type it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) is how does one pick out which staking pool to delegate to? Are the pool operators histories from the ITN going to be available so that we can see their relative effectivity? How do new pool operators develop viable ‘reputations’?
My last question is, are these questions answered elsewhere?

I haven’t said this to anyone or to the community so I’ll say it here, I am very grateful to everyone in the Cardano community and like all of you, I am very excited about our collective immediate and long-term future.


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@archangelbob From my understanding, You want a stake pool that has a high number of Lifetime blocks, a low fixed fee (340 Adas per epoch or roughly 5 days), and a low variable fee. Mainly you are looking at a combination really focuses on pool fees and lifetime blocks. The more blocks the more reliable the pool is. If you really want to get into it, consider the pledging size. Tool large of a pledging size could technically affect the awards if it gets too big. If anyone has better suggestions I would love to hear them, I am no stake pool operator expert.


This info will not be immediately visible once mainnet is launched right.

Thanks w0lverin3 and Matchveil,

I didn’t see all of what you described, but some. I ended up picking one that had a website that to me implied they are pretty darned serious about this stuff, as well as a fairly high ranking. It appears to me so far that the rankings are fairly volatile right now. I assume that will stabilize as the numbers of everything build up.

Fun stuff!

We have to the end of epoch 0 to delegate our stake so going to take some time and do some research.

in addition to the questions that Archangelbob asks. Can anyone comment on the requirements that a high quality group must meet?