Looking for a developer to help building NFT marketplace

Hello everyone!
My name is Zoran and I live in USA. I am proud to say that I am a Cardano maximalist and looking to build something on its blockchain.I have a huge collection of NFTs (50k+) and I am looking to create a marketplace for it and looking for a developer in here. That said marketplace will have its own utility token with a few very unique functionalities. I also have a Cardano pool that was opened back in July of last year and will play a huge role in connection to the marketplace that needs to be built.
If you have the knowledge and are interested tin become a part of my team, reply to this post with a brief description of your expertise and we can move froward from there.
Here is the link to my pool:

Thank you

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Hello @cryptoshark,

We are a Team-Based in India.

Recently we have built an NFT marketplace for one of our clients based on Cardano Blockchain.

We can also help you out with this project of yours.

Would love to discuss more on this.

Here is my email: dhruvalkamdar19@gmail.com

Let’s connect.