Searching for Cardano Developer for NFT Project

Hello community,

for our NFT - project I am looking for one or multiple developers to bring 7.000 NFTs to the Cardano Blockchain. Individual, randomly selected NFTs should be purchased for a certain amount. The following development services should be implemented in the process:

  • NFT - Cardano Minting Machine: users should deposit an amount and receive a randomly selected NFT.
  • NFT Royalties: NFTs have included royalties, so that for the sale of a NFT a certain amount is credited to the NFT creator.
  • NFT - Access: NFTs are to be used as a key to access the content of a website.

If you are not able to implement all requirements, you are welcome to contact me anyway, so that we can discuss which services can be provided at which price.

Looking forward to your message


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i ping you, for something you are interesting to implement :wink:
text me

telegram: @pool_tts17

Can i be one of the first NFT creators to collaborate with your project? I would love to be part of this!
My insta to see my artworks: @franciscoundreteixeira

Hello @Stefan89,

I hope you are doing well.

Recently we have worked on One of the NFT project based on Cardano Blockchain.

We can help you with all of your requirements as well and work with you being an extra helping hand in development.

Here is my email id:
My Whtsapp/Telegram: +91-9601425742

Would love to discuss further on this project of yours.

let’s connect.

Warm regards
Dhruval K