Looking to put a team together for a Metaverse project

Oculis Metaverse.pptx.pdf (115.9 KB)

My name is Youri and I am currently developing a new type of lodging in WA called Oculis. I am looking to tie my project to a metaverse build with Cardano to Create a unique community directed expansion mechanism in DAO franchising.
The Metaverse assets are tied to real-world assets such as real estates. The metaverse will be used to make investments, take reservation, interact with the people that are in or out campus ETC. Check out the site oculislodge.com to see the type of structures we are building. The first campus will be a mix of condo/hotels.
I would love to chat with people that could guide me to get started on this. We are currently in the building process of the first two units. I uploaded the general layout that will need some serious polishing. But it should give you a good idea of what I am trying to accomplish.


Hello @Youri_Benoiston ,

Would love to discuss more on this with you.

Could you please drop me a line on my email?

here is my email: dhruvalkamdar19@gmail.com

With Best
Dhruval K

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Hi Druvhal. Sorry for late reply I just shot you an email.