Mainnet ada!

Hey there my cardano fellows,
So done the update from w7 to w10 pro for the mainnet 1.0.0 yes i am on now👍i have seen that now sync time is much faster then 0.15. Thats cool,looking foward much great stuff comes later this year cant wait cardanians😎. There is one small thing guys during setupp of mainnet i had generated a adress on the old 0.15. That didnt come up on the new wallet why is that it must come up i think or not??? Did not use that adress🤔
Thanks ada team

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was that wallet which didnt come up empty? i’m not sure but I would imagine that an empty wallet is not integrated.

No sir,balance is correct ,transaction correct,only that adress didnt show up on new wallet,i see that its still on the old wallet 0.15 did not moved to the new guy🤔 strange or not