Make sure you vote for Cardano!

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Done. I also scrolled through some of the @ replies and almost no one is talking about Cardano. This is good IMO because despite the lack of chatter Cardano is the 2nd most favored choice in the poll. Just goes to show you that Cardano is confidently long-term not being built around hype.

Thanks for sharing @ZCryt0Knight!

Those are mostly bots anyway. Cardano is by far the best crypto out there. It’s built by serious folks for serious things.

It’s potential is ming boggling and I am just glad I get to see it grow into something huge.


If people want a trusted source in the U.S. where they can buy Cardano than they need to rock the vote and voice their opinion, I will be quite sad if Ripple beats Cardano to Coinbase.

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I agree. Done!

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