Make your Daedalus wallet portable on Windows

Hi everyone,

I was very upset to see Daedalus downloading the chainblock on my C hardrive, plus writing millions of 1kB files can make a lot of noise.
It seems Daedalus need very few things to work anywhere, so I hope they will let us choose where everything goes in a future version.

First, connect your USB Flash Drive/SD Card/folder on whatever hard drive you want and let’s call it F:

  1. Open a windows explorer, write down %AppData% in the adress bar, that should redirect you to somewhere like “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming”.
    If you used Daedalus at least once, there should be a folder named Daedalus, copy it to F:, and rename it “DaedalusAppData”.
    This can be VERY long if you downloaded the blockchain.
    You can add a text file like USB.txt in the folder if you want to recognize easily your new folder.
    You can delete the original folder or rename to something else (better safe than sorry)

  2. Go where you installed the application, like C:\Program Files\Daedalus and copy the Daedalus folder to F:
    You can also delete/rename the original folder.

  3. In F:, create a file OpenDaedalus.bat, edit it with notepad :
    call %~dp0\Daedalus\daedalus.bat
    Don’t try to run it yet.

  4. Create a new folder “Scripts” in F:, inside create 3 new bat files :
    mklink /D %AppData%\Daedalus %~dp0\..\DaedalusAppData
    rmdir %AppData%\Daedalus
    start %AppData%\Daedalus

Now what do you do on a new PC ?
Script > OpenAppDataDirectory.bat opens the AppData Daedalus folder, that let you know if there’s already a wallet, or if the CreateAppDataLink did work or not.

Script > CreateAppDataLink.bat will create a link from Appdata to your folder. Draedalus thinks it access the normal AppData\Draedalus folder, but in fact it goes to your AppDataLink folder.
You may have to run it as admin (check with OpenAppDataDirectory)

Script > DeleteAppDataDirectory.bat delete the AppData Daedalus folder on the PC if you need to create a new link. You may have to run it as admin too.

OpenDaedalus.bat in the root opens the wallet.

I have a laptop which took a minute to find the flash drive the first time, looks like it was scanning the files and as there are a LOT of files it can takes a while…

If anyone has a more friendly way to do this, feel free to contribute !


Interesting tip, I’ll defo try it out.

I was thinking the same thing…the installation should have the option for a custom folder. I use c: for system and apps and other drives for storage, that helps a lot when you need to format c:

Thanks for the tips!
I would love to see the option for portable installation for the Windows version of Daedalus Wallet. So we can keep it in an offline storage, and only access it when required. Especially for Windows environment, I guess it is also reduce the chances of the wallet being hacked since it will be mostly offline.

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Why not just download and install in the flash drive using portableapps, for example ? is it possible?

Daedalus is not available on portableapps, so I’m not sure what you mean.

I cannot test it right now, but an alternative would be to install Daedalus on you flash drive, then edit daedalus.bat, there is a variable telling it to use the folder “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming”, you can edit it so it uses a folder in your flash drive.

What I’m afraid of is that this .bat is a part of Daedalus, meaning it could be overwritten when you updates the wallet. That’s why I prefer to create a link default folder -> folder in my flash drive but I will add this alternative after trying it first.

totally new to ada. after installing Daedalus on my win7 pc i joined this site and read your thread about moving/installing Daedalus to a usb flash drive.

i started Daedalus once, but didn’t creat an accnt yet. then read your thread here and liked the idea of it being on a usb stick so i created those *.bat files and dir’s on a 16gb usb flash drive.

it is still xcopying from %APPDATA%\Daedalus to my usb drive after like 8 hours. my question now is, should i just uninstall Daedalus and reinstall to my flash drive to avoid this seriously long wait time for copying the blockchain to the flash drive? and making use of your *.bat files setup.


The blockchain is thousands of 1MB file, that’s why it can be insanely long to copy.
I don’t know what you did finally but you don’t have much choice:

  • Rename/delete your Daedalus folder in your Roaming folder, the bat will create the link and you will redownload the blockchain in the flashdrive. This will probably take longer, but I guess this is easier because you can easily stop/continue the download anytime.

  • If copying the whole Daedalus folder is too long, you can always copy the folders inside it. I’m not at home but I remember there are folders each containing X blocks inside (in the DB folder, that’s where the blockchain is). So you can just copy a few of those each time, instead of all of them at once.

@Krazplay, i tried to uninstall Daedalus but these was no uninstall.exe, so i just deleted all the Daedalus folders on my pc. i never created an accnt with Daedalus app yet. so i’m gonna reinstall it to the usb drive like you did in your tutorial and try it that way. i don’t mind the download time/size using the usb for the app and data files and your turtorial seems the way to go with that end.

02.15.18 edit: when reinstalling Daedalus to flash drive, i saw my Panda AV app flagged “uninstall.exe” as a “trj/agent.jrm” virus. turned off Panda AV, and the “uninstall.exe” was then present.

edit::02192018:: uninstalled again. reinstalled to a usb 850 evo drive. used @krasplay scripts, and Daedalus is working fine. sync’d in less than 2 hours. got my coins into the wallet. beats me, but the patriot usb 64gb stick didn’t workout. all good for now. appreciate the tutorial and help.

Synching blocks is now taking place to my usb flash, 3 hours later at 7.72%. great to get the blocks to the usb flash. hope Daedalus doesn’t have to sync this much next time i start it.

When you say USB flash drive are you speaking of any type of USB flash drive or are you referring to a Nano Ledger wallet?

They’re talking about a standard flash drive.

Thank you very much.

If you don’t want to do all that and are using windows 10 you can go to “settings - system - storage - change where new content is saved” and set a different drive for all app data storage; for that user… This will create a new “username” folder on that drive, including all the trimmings like AppData. It only works for this case if done before the Daedalus install. But still a handy tip for anyone using an SSD and wanting to save space on the OS drive… If you don’t want to reinstall Daedalus follow this tutorial…

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Yes Daedalus wallet needs to have an option to store the blockchain and all other files (portable) where i want (on another hard drive where the program is installed).

I do not want the wallet to take up valuable space on my c:/ drive

I hope this helps.

I know this is an old thread, and I was looking for a solution to this problem for some time… So here is what I did.

I bought a new 1TB SSD USB drive and installed windows 10 on it. To make it a bootable SSD USB drive.

here is a video I found to explain how to do it…

Once I got it all set up and changed the bootup option in my laptop’s BIOS to boot from a USB drive and windows loaded up I just installed Daedalus on to the SSD USB drive that had win10 home installed on it… and once it was installed, I deleted the folder Daedalus on the SSD USB drive “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus” and replaced it by copying the same folder from the main C:\ drive folder on the laptop to the SSD USB drive…

So I booted up from the main laptops C: drive and plugged in the SSD USB drive so it became D: drive then I copied the Daedalus folder from C: to D:

Then rebooted the laptop and loaded win10 up from the SSD USB drive and started Daedalus and let it finishing Syncing. Works well.

So now anytime I want to access my Daedalus wallet I just plug in my SSD USB drive to boot up a fresh installation of Win10 with only Daedalus installed on it and away I go. and when done I just unplug it and put it away… A lot more secure than having Daedalus installed on the main C: drive all the time while accessing the internet…

I hope this helps someone out…

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Do you know how it would work for a Mac OS version?