Deleting %APPDATA%\Daedalus if doing an uninstall and a restore with your seed phrase

I’m thinking of doing a reinstall of Daedalus and restoring my wallet. What files under %APPDATA%\Daedalus need to be deleted or does the folder (%APPDATA%\Daedalus) get deleted?


I’d say uninstall, delete %APPDATA%\Daedalus\ itself for good measure, then reinstall. Or move it to a different location, in case the backup phrase turns out to be incorrect.

Ok thanks! Im making a copy of appdata Daedalus and putting on usb stick.

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Compress it e.g. to a ZIP file, will make copying much faster.

Its compressing right now. How long does this take?

No idea, never done it myself. Thankfully the era of a million small files will be over in 2 months. :smiley:

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I stopped the compression because it was taking way too long so never backed it up. Anyways I finally got the wallet working again. Thanks for your help.