Will deleting Daedlus from a Mac also delete the Ada (remove the Ada) from the computer?

Computer is super slow. And Daedlus is not loading. So I want to get the wallet off this computer. Can I just delete the Daedalus app or do I need to delete the wallet from daedlus first?

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You’ll need your seed phrase in order to restore Daedalus or for creating a new wallet with Yoroi for example.

The first thing I’d do would be to see if I can restore the wallet with Yoroi and that your funds are safely there.

Once you’ve confirmed that you can still access your funds on a restored wallet, then you can go ahead and delete Daedalus on your Mac.

The reason I recommend the above precaution, is if you don’t have your seed phrase but still have your spending password, you still might be able to open Daedalus up somehow and you’d have access to your funds

It’s fine, uninstall the daedalus

Thank you guys.
As soon as I put up the post Daedalus got me to the place where I could delete the wallet in Daedalus. The universe is listening. Im going to unistsll Daedalus now. Thank you guys.