Deleting my daedalus wallet

Hello all,

Just a simple question, I have my wallet on 2 pc’s right now but I’m having troubles with in one of them where I have a wrong balance, I want to delete my wallet, unistall, restore seed and so on…(starting all over again) and using VPN to download the blockchain.

My question is if I delete my wallet from one pc will it afect the other? or is this delete just local to this pc?

Many thanks!

Wallet is just an interface to interact with the blockchain. All you need to access your Wallet (can have multiple address) is the 12 words seeds.

Does this means that, deleting my wallet on one computer will not interfere with my wallet on the other computer?

You said in your post that you have 1 wallet - yes? Do you have the 12 words? If yes - you can delete all of them - and with the 12 w you will restore your wallet

Yes I do have them. But never really tested up until very recently when restoring my wallet on another pc. and I got a wrong ADA balance. so I don’t want to compromise the wallet that I have working on the first computer, until I’m not sure I can fully restore my wallet with the right ADA balance I don’t want to mess up my fuly operation wallet on my first pc.

I hope this was more explanatory.

I could bet your wallet did not sync properly.


Type %appdata% on the explorer’s address bar
Open Daedalus folder

Find the Secretkey File. You can make COPY’s of that files - they are the “same thing” as your 12 seeds. You should have “copies” of both (from both PC) - to be sure! After that you just try to restore it with 12 - i am sure it will show the right balance after it syncs

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Thank you for the help, yes I was told the same on another post I did regarding my wrong ADA balance. I deleted the blockchain from the %appdata% directory and did an overnight blockchain sync using VPN but this morning my balance was still wrong. I have some missing deposit addresses and transactions.

Now what I’m going to do is to uninstall daedalus, delete the blockchain data and start all over again and see what happens.

It worked out well, my balance is correct now!


:kissing_heart::sunglasses: Good Luck Andre! If you are from europe please register

Hi. Almost have the same problem. I have daedulus in “A” and I tried installing daedulus in “B” without deleting daedulus in “A” when the sync was done. I was amazed that both wallet have the same balance only my ada is -997 instead of positive. I hope someone can help me on what to to. I still have the passphrase. So i uninstalled the wallet in both pcs. Tried syncing them buth nothing happened.

I’m surprised Daedalus is even capable of displaying negative numbers – there are no overdrafts on the blockchain!

Sorry, I have no idea what to suggest besides contacting official support:

I emailed them with the transaction no. Sorry for the misunderstanding what i meant i saw a withdrawal which i didnt do. Anyway,sir. I emailed support hope they give me light on this.

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I am having trouble understanding the blockchain explorer. But i have one question can binance take back the ada that i bought from them. I tried checking my account and it seems that they locked my account.

Maybe somebody here could help with the explorer if you posted your address. (Personally, I have difficulty interpreting it as well!)

No, there’s no way a completed transaction can be reversed, the coin is your’s and you’re the only one that can do anything with it, assuming nobody else has access to your sending password or seed phrase.

I don’t think they’d lock your account without letting you know but I can’t say for sure. If you’re having trouble logging in contact their support.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply.

If you’re wanting to sell your ADA for USD, try creating a new binance account, sending your ADA to that wallet and then selling it back for ETH or BTC. Then transfer all your ETH to a coinbase account and transferring the ADA to USD. From there you can do a simple withdrawal or wire transfer to your bank. If this isn’t what you wanted to do, sorry for the ramble.

Sorry, meant to put ETH to USD.