Will ADA from old wallet be gone when installed on new MacBook?

Hi all,

Let me start by saying I’m feeling like a total dipsh*t asking this, but I’m reaching for help nonetheless.

Problem: my MacBook Air containing my Daedulus wallet and all of my precious ADA broke down (RAM issue). So it needs repair. Now, I’ve got a spending password on my Daedulus, but I don’t feel comfortable at all to hand over my MacBook Air with a couple of million ADA to the repair man.

My solution: install Daedulus on another Mac I’ve got using the 24 words.

My question: will the Daedulus on the broken MacBook Air be empty? In other words: can I hand it over to the repair man without having a possible heart attack?

*disclaimer: all ADA numbers are pure fictional and for entertainment purpose only :sob:

Hi, install Daedalus on your new Mac and then ensure your balance of ADA is correct. Then delete all files related to Daedalus off your old MacBook Air. You could also just delete everything, get your computer fixed and then re-install your wallet and your balance of ADA will all be there. The first option just gives you piece of mind. Remember that your ADA is stored on the blockchain and not your computer.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the swift response. One problem: my MacBook Air doesn’t boot anymore because of the RAM issue. Therefore I’m a little bit worried about these steps. There’s no way to check it on my MacBook Air.

If you’re concerned that someone might try to hack your Daedalus wallet, then I would recommend creating a new wallet with a new seed phrase and sending all the coins to that new wallet address. The alternative would be to download the Yoroi chrome extension and import your Daedalus wallet into Yoroi. Then you would have a new 15 word seed phrase that corresponds to Yoroi and your Daedalus wallet would be empty.

I can’t send them. MacBook Air is broken, so I can’t reach my Daedulus.

You would have to install Daedalus on another machine, recover your funds using your seed phrase and then send them to a new wallet that you create.

If this is going to be too time consuming, using the Yoroi function might be the easiest and fastest option.


Gotcha, thanks. So my suggested solution won’t break anything, but it’ll simply make the Daedulus on my broken MacBook Air an empty one. Much appreciated, thanks.

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One last question. Will my 12 words remain the same after restoring my wallet on a new PC?