Perfect Daedalus wallet recovery

Wanted the community to know that yesterday my Mac Air burned and died. I had a smooth reinstall of Daedalus and my recovery key worked perfectly and all ADA present in my wallet.


cool. I never had any crashes but I did multiple reinstalls after destroying local daedelus wallet data… it always restored the Ada in my wallet using the recovery phrase. It’s slow and pokey, but eventually it does the job.


Hi Martin, after uninstalling my wallet and the deadalus folder in %appdata%, I have reinstalled and am in the process of (successfully?) recovering my wallet. However it is taking all of my systems recourses and has been takingmore than 24 hours now and I am getting a bit fed up with it. I read in earlier posts it takes long etc, but this long? No indicator on the process whatsoever and need my computer back. How long can it take?

Wow, I just collapsed the wallet and brought it up again and it opened. Wonders still happen :smiley: