Daedalus wallet phrase and starting fresh

Do I understand it correctly that if my house burns down I could buy a new computer, install Daedalus, and as long as I have my 12 word phrase I can rebuild and get all my Ada?

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That’s correct…


Thank you.

And is it also correct that “my Ada” lives “in” the blockchain and with the 12 word phrase the blockchain is searched to find “my Ada” and bring it to my wallet?

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Well it doesn’t “bring it” anywhere but the information is retrieved by the wallet software, so basically, yes. :slight_smile:

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Always a great example. Haha.

I understand that it doesn’t “bring” the Ada to my wallet on computer but it does bring the entire blockchain to my computer within the Daedalus app does it not? And that’s what takes the time.

I did a clean install of Daedalus 0.12.1 on my Mac Powerbook and it took about 5 hours to sync. I did the same on my Windows 10 desktop, not a highly resourced machine, and it took about 18 hours.

I did not create or restore any wallets on either of these new machines. I thought I’d do a “practice” restore of my main wallet but I don’t know what would happen if I had the same wallet on 2 machines?

That’s no problem with Daedalus. There was an issue with two instances of Yoroi on different machines but I believe that’s now fixed as well.