Mesh Presents: "An Aiken Library To Make Devs' day-to-day Lives Easier" | Today's contract: Payment Splitter

Use cases are named as such because observers can easily see them represented in the real world, providing solutions for their day-to-day lives.

There has been no more common use case in human societies of all times than to split a payment equally among several parties. The advantage of using the Aiken contract from the Mesh library is: It puts an end to arguments between people. The code makes the decisions.

:woman::microscope: Let’s experience the sense of peace that comes from fair distribution without discussions, brought to us by the Mesh team.

Your role: two roles.

  • First: Donor
  • Next: Beneficiary, together with 4 other arbitrary beneficiaries assigned for this demo.

Your donation as a Donor: 10 tAdas.

:cake:Your share of the pie as a Beneficiary: 2 tAdas.

:white_check_mark:Step 1: Go to

:white_check_mark:Step 2: Go to the “Send Lovelace to Payment Splitter” section.

:white_check_mark:Step 3: Connect your preprod wallet funded with test Adas.

:white_check_mark:Step 4: Click the “Send Lovelace to Payment Splitter” button.

:dart:Challenge: copy the TxHash thrown in the “Result” field. Go to and see how the money flows.

:white_check_mark:Step 5: Now, go to the “Trigger Payout” section and click on the “Trigger Payout” button.

:dart:Challenge: copy the TxHash thrown in the “Result” field. Go to and see again how the money went among the 5 beneficiaries.

And that’s it!

:flashlight:Would you like to take a look at the source code of the contract? For sure! Go to

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