Metadata registration

Is there a way to reach out to the people approving merges on the Token Registry? I’d like to figure out why my submission kept failing the 2nd check and then randomly passed the last time I tried.

It’s really poor form to generalise without giving concrete examples. There are deployment action logs you can check for each commit of your PR. I checked a couple of PRs for token in your name and it had malformed JSON and wrong file location (which btw was also highlighted in actions step log output).

If you are sure you were correct and automated action was random, please provide action link/commit that failed , while it contains same information as the currently open PR.

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I think I was having problems copying the original json. I physically copied the json file with a flash drive from the node to submit and it passed the checks, even with adding the logo data. Now i’m just waiting for review and it should go through. fingers crossed. Thank you for your advice.