Mike - Creator of PoolTool, how to track staking rewards, partnership, and more | The Cardano Aura #2 | Starting at 3PM EST

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This is awesome, thanks Mike for all the hard work and to Pey for the interview and posting it here :clap:
As everyone is waiting for the elusive Goguen and subsequent Dapps, is this something you will both be using and programming on and (excuse what may be a stupid question), as well as having the programming/coding skills, you also have to an idea to make use of Dapps ? and if yes, what Dapps already successful on ETH would you like to see on Cardano, or you could create for Cardano?

Thanks again


I would love to see Uniswap for Cardano. I do have some ideas for my own dApps though. :slight_smile: