Min_utxo Parameter after Epoch 289

Hi there,
the “min_utxo” parameter has been changed since (i guess Alonzo update) epoch 290 from “1000000” ( 1 ADA) to now “min_utxo”: “34482”.
Does it really mean that the min amount per tx is now 0,034482 ADA instead of 1 ADA?
Do the official Wallets already respect this?
Thank you

Hello @Alexander1

I’m guessing there is a difference between protocol parameters and node protocol parameters.

For nodes minUTxOvalue is 1,000,000, so minimum transaction from wallets is 1 ADA + fee.

For protocol minUTxOvalue has to be lower so it can move the fees and rewards from staking in/out from treasury to wallets with out restriction of transaction layer protocol parameters.

If you go to sites that aggregate block chain info like AdaPools you will see they make a distinction between Node protocols and Network protocols.

But to be perfectly honest, this is just my guess. I haven’t actually heard/ read this from any official source. Most of official sources seem to show example of 1 ADA.


Hope this helps :smiley:

Hi thank you very much for your comprehensive reply. I was watching the epoch parameters (protocol parameters) closely and was just surprised that it has been massively lowered in epoch 290. I still don’t get it because if the change was made with Alonzo how could the staking rewards below 1 ADA work.

I guess it could work because transaction layer where wallet to node transactions occur is different then settlement layer. That way each layer can have a different sets of protocol parameters.

They do mention distinct layer structure in network design papers. These layers are connected by logic gateways and have specialized functions. Here is the network diagram from that paper if it helps clear anything up.

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