How to Calculate MinUTXO for Native Token Trxns

Hi everyone… What I’ve seen in Daedalus Flight v4.0.1 is that when we try to send a custom native token, we are shown the minimum ADA to include in the transaction so that we can meet the minUTXO requirement specified in the protocol parameters. This minimum I’ve seen is currently 1.444443 ADA.

But if we look at the protocol parameters itself, it’s not straightforward. There’s only the minUTxOValue parameter in there that says 1 ADA (1,000,000 lovelace) is the minimum UTXO (at least at the time of this writing).

This is definitely not 1.444443 ADA and I understand that adding a token into the trx means using up more resource, requiring higher tx fee.

There are also the minFeeA: 44 and minFeeB: 155381 in the protocol parameters, but I can’t seem to find documentation on how to arrive at the minUTxO required for every transaction involving native tokens.

How to we arrive at 1.444443 ADA in this example?

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Awesome! Thanks a lot, @_ilap!