Cannot send ADA when the wallet has NFTs

Hello everyone,
I just minted 100 NFTs to my wallet, and currently it has 12 ADA in.
Now I want to send 5 ADA to another wallet by Daedalus wallet and the fee is ~ 0.4 ADA. But when I click to send button I got the error
Not enough ADA for fees...

What is wrong? Please give me some information if you guys faced on it before.
Thank you so much!

Each output of the transaction needs to have at least the min-ADA value. In your example there are two outputs: the first to the other wallet and the second with the change (which includes the 100 NFTs) back to your own wallet. It’s likely that the 7 ADA + 100 NFTs in change is below the min-ADA value. You have three options:

  1. Add more ADA to the wallet from another source, so that the transaction will meet the min-ADA requirement.
  2. Send less than 5 ADA to the other wallet. (You can experiment trying different values to see how close to 5 you can get.)
  3. Burn some of the NFTs, if they are burnable and you have the necessary signing key(s).

Thank you @bwbush,

#1 and #2 resolved my issue. But I just want to ask how can you calculate to 7 ADA is a minimum that I can keep in the wallet?

And for #3, I tried to burn all NFTs but I cannot burn all of them. I got the issue with ValueNotConservedUTxO

The min-ADA depends upon the length of the names of the NFTs. This section of the document shows how to do the computation: Min-Ada-Value Requirement — Cardano Ledger 1.0.0 documentation. I’m thinking of creating a simple web page where one can enter the numbers and see what the min-ADA is.

To burn tokens, you need to create a minting transaction, but with a negative value for the --mint argument in cardano-cli transaction build-raw. The incoming UTxO needs to have exactly that number of tokens.

That’s perfect. It helps us more
For burning token, if I lost the utxo, how can I burn it?

You can look up the token history on (which lets you look up tokens by name) and (which lets you look up token transactions once you know the asset ID) to find the UTxO where it is held.

Thank you for your support!
It is better if on cardano-cli does not require a tx_out with full tokens left

It’s fine either way–there probably won’t be much difference in the fee. Anyway, your choice of the --tx-in UTxOs pretty much determines what tokens will be in the --tx-out.

Thank you, sometimes it makes difficulty to calculate the fee and tokens. But so far so good

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Here is an online calculator for the minimum ADA in UTxOs with NFTs or tokens.

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Sounds great. Thank you so much!