NFT minimum UTxO

Hi everyone!

I have done every step in “Example: Minting A New Native Asset” located at this page and everything works, except when I submit my transaction, I get a “OutputTooSmallUTxO” error.

I currently have 1500000 lovelace in my address, and from my understanding, the minimum UTxO is 1000000 after deducting the fees.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I ran in to this as well. Minimum ADA output when minting seems to actually be somewhere around 1.5 ADA

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I sent 2 ADA to my address to be safe and it works. Thanks!

Glad to hear it!

Does somebody know how to actually calculate the minimum based on how many types of token you send?

I don’t know Haskell, but this issue seems to be a good starting point to find out how to calculate the minimum

Here’s the deep dive into how. If you check out the table at the bottom, that’s why we get close to 1.5 ada:

The minUTxOValue may be 1 ada, but there are other factors like amount of ada based on the size.
So the name of the asset has an affect. If I have a 32 character asset name, that will drive up the cost.
Also apparently there are cost savings if you start minting a lot depending on how you break things down. For example 50 policies with a single asset name is cheaper than a single policy with 50 unique asset names.


I sometimes need 3 ada depending on the amount of tokens minted, a predictable formular would be nice

Here is an online calculator for the minimum ADA in UTxO with NFTs or tokens.