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Just wanted to confirm the information provided here: https://docs.cardano.org/native-tokens/learn
Is up to date, specifically the min-ada-value is still 1ADA?


Yes, for ADA only transactions (no tokens). Until September when HFC drops.
Note: If using it to calculate it is 1,000,000 since calculations are counted in Lovelace not ADA.

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Ok I understand now. So transactions which do have tokens have an increased min-ada-value because the actual transaction size in bytes increases. I found this resource to help me understand as well:


Will HFC increase or decrease the min-ada-value?

There are number of values in this calculation that will change. I believe on the end it will be a bit smaller. However, they are also changing the way transactions work, so there may be a big difference in number of UTxOs that are generated /kept/ burned… so until it drops we are not going to know how it will affect transactions from wallets with may assets.