Missed Block 8.1.1

Hi SPOs,

can someone suggest the problem?

i was scheduled for this block

 SlotNo                          UTC Time

 101221159                   2023-08-23 10:44:10 UTC

both Relays were running and had lots of connections incoming/outgoing
BP was running and synchronized

somehow my BP adopted the block but it was propagted/accepted in the cardano network?

i checked pooltool - there was not lost battle - my slottime is just missing.

did i mess up with the version? i’m still running 8.1.1 on all nodes.
would be glad for help to troubleshoot this so i wont miss another valueable block (they dont come that often at my pool)

Regards, obi

What does your log say at the time of the slot?

Check the logs:
journalctl -u <cardano-service-name>

search for the slot and see what happened before and after :
journalctl -qu -o cat | grep -B4 -A15 something like this:
journalctl -qu cardano-node.service -o cat | grep -B4 -A15 101221159

you should see some entries with TraceNodeIsLeader and check what you have next…
if you see TraceAddBlockEvent.TrySwitchToAFork then could be that you had a slot battle (not your case) or you had an orphaned block.

for slot battles you can’t do much, for orphaned ones you can check how quickly you have generated the block (time between TraceStartLeadershipCheck and TraceAdoptedBlock)…
next block was 3 sec after yours… it should be enough time for bp to do its job.

maybe you can share the logs and we can then try to check what’s going on

do yo have correct time on server? have you enabled ntp/chrony service?

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Unfortunately logging was not enabled. Until now i did not rely on logs for deep-dive troubleshooting which i now regret i have not enabled it.

(i do not operate my pool on cntools or prepared service).

so now there are no logs to check on… is there a way that other spo’s check their logs if the block was propagated/communicated?

ntp is configured

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check the status of KES… did u make blocks in the past with this certificate?


KES is okay, i produced a block with this certificate 2 months ago

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