We were SlotLeader but we did not minted a BLOCK

HI guys,

I saw in the LeaderLog that we were nominated for a block.

But I do not see that we actually minted it in the gLiveView or on adapools or pooltool.

Any idea what could be the problem here?

2021-03-22 17:40:14 ==> Leader for 96923, Cumulative epoch blocks: 1

Screenshot from BP

Screenshot from Relay

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Try to restart ur relay… u need more out connections… anyway check in logs for the slot 96923 … do u see anything with Fork?



Similar issue happened for me yesterday. There was a block creation right before your slot time - at 96921. Your is 96923. Check your logs for the previous block when it arrives to your block producer…
In my case it arrived 20 sec later after I created my block, which is clearly shows that my BP node was behind the actual height of the blockchain.

Any idea how to retrieve logs? I have restarted both nodes.

And it looks like I have all the loging set-up in mainnet-config.json to StdoutSK for writing to the console. And not to a file FileSK

Or is there any other way to check the logs for the slot 96923

Screenshot from Blocks | Cardano Explorer

ok, that means the logs redirected to the console… so unless you saved the console log by yourself then there is no other way to get it back, I think - change the logs to be stored on log files

Does it mean we have lost the block this epoch? Or it will be re-nominated?

yes, just lost it… I will make a measurement on my node performance regarding to how quick it is getting the current block, will tell you if I have something to share

How can we avoid this in the future? We are using google cloud so I do not think this issue has anything to do with the internet connection or with hardware. The only problem could be the:

  • server location?
  • More relays?
  • more relays connected in the topology file?

@Alexd1985 with more connections … did you mean more our relays connected to the BP or more connections in the topology file in the Relay node? Will this avoid this problem in the future?

And I do not think we were the only ones … the next slot that was registered was 96939 so it jump over 18 slots (96939 - 96921). This means 18 other pools lost the blocks?

no - not in every slot there is a block creation. it is random, so slot number in an epoch not equal to block number in an epoch

Yes - it is strange that relay node has only 4 outgoing connection - you can increase this by adding more peers in topology file…

You have only 4 OUT peers (for example I have 18 peers per relay), excluding your Producer it means u have connections with only other 3 public nodes… it’s not ideal for a fast propagation

U need to run topology updater on relay for a dynamic and fresh topology and it’s betther to restart the relay once/day (by restarting the topology will be refresh by topology updater script).


I had the same problem…


No BP downtime, No slot missed on the specific time, no orphan block on pooltool.io…
18-20 peers in and out on my 2 relays…

The slot 179047 is not present on cardanoscan.

I did a KES rotation on 18-03.

I don’t understand and i need help to figure that out.

Thank you.



Check for 179047 infos inside the logs folder


@Alexd1985 we missed today another block. Now I have not restarted the node so the node is still running. We were nominated for the slot 187221.
Can you share a command that can print out the log for the specific slot 187221 to debug the problem please?

The slot leader schedule has changed, I don’t know the reason for this, but the new schedule for my two pools is already missing a few blocks (the new schedule does not contain several blocks from the old schedule).

yeah, can be an error from slot leader script

@Vadimus and @dolar468468 I seem to have a similar problem, and like you guys, keen to find a root cause / explanation for Missed… does your problem feel the same as mine (aa doc’d here

I have rerun the slot leader script but we were still nominated for the same SlotNo 021-03-28 18:45:12 ==> Leader for 187221, Cumulative epoch blocks: 1

But weird think is that the gLiveView is not showing that we missed a block also I do not see any orphans on pooltool

Everything looks good with the nodes:

are u using cntools?
what is the ticker?


No I was not using cntools
Ticker is BULL1
I have just stopped the relay to change the config so the log is safed in a file.