Missed Block - Help needed to understand why

Hi all, I’ve had lot’s of help from @Alexd1985 on another post, but wanting to open this question to the wider community. Although we are a small and relatively new stake pool, RAIN was elected slot leader (after 3 months) and devastatingly we ‘Missed’ our first block.

We’ve managed to get close to 250kADA staked through friends and networks, and this is no small amount, and to continue attracting more delegation I really need to be able to promote a ‘block minting’ pool. So I’m determined to get a better understanding of root cause. Although other posts claim that this could simply be bad luck, my many years developing tell me not to exlpain this away like this.

Firstly can anyone help with a further explanation of:

  1. What causes a ‘Missed’ block, noting all key metrics and analysis so far say that the BP and it’s two relays are healthy.
  2. How to troubleshoot a missed block

Note, that my BP has valid KES certs (rotated), processing transactions and is connected to the two relays. The relays are also connected to 20 peers OUT (although < 10 IN), and that over the period that the BP was elected a leader, everything was up and connected.

@laplasz I notice had a similar problem.

Any further help would be very much appreciated.

Some further info:


Further, I notice that there may be an issue with the topology updater?

Can anyone shed some light on this? What are the causes Missed blocks?