Coin minted but not on


I have been runing my block producer and relay nodes for a bit now but have just minted my first block according to gLiveView. It showed Leader 1 Adopted 1, at least until I restarted it. Now it shows leader 0 adopted 0.

It was Slot 29259169.

On my block producer the logs look right, I have a “TraceNodeIsLeader” entry and a “traceForcedBlock” entry.

My Pool ticker is PATPL.

I cannot find a matching transaction on my relay node. Any ideas on where I can look?

I can’t see the block on also

Thank you for looking, I appreciate it. For some reason the block just disappeared after it was minted.

I had this issue when my block was stollen.
Try to run again leaderlog force


cncli is the tool used to find the next leader, right? I have a few different cncli scripts, what are you trying to force with this? I have refreshed my leaderlog and it shows the same leader number

Can u provide the epoch/slot?

29259169 It is to long


Epoch 265 slot 142369.

Minted time was 5/12/21 8:17:40

As u can see the block was not minted by other pool, so probably u had an issue. Are u using chrony on ur servers?


It is my own server. I am assuming there is something on my end but I do not know what it might be. Everything looks okay, my relay is connected right now to 8 out / 18 in In 6 hours processed 24,165 transactions on my relay node.

Any idea what I should have seen in the logs for the relay node around the time of the block being minted? Successful tx are very light in their descriptions on the log.

But on Producer everything is fine? IN/OUT peers? Tx processed? Started as a Producer (core mainnet)?

Producer the only peer is the relay node. I had some TX but since I rebooted it it has 0. It only has a transaction when I transfer funds with my wallet through it. I thought this was normal for the producer node though, should it be processing transactions like the relay does?

The block producer does have a lot of entries on its log though, every second it seems to do a LeadershipCheck

Yes, but if u don’t have IN peers then u will not processing tx

Can u paste the glive output here?

Sure, my only IN peer is from my loopback address, EDIT: Fixed image

BP Node gliveview

Ok, meaning in config file u have TraceMempool=false can u check?

it is listed as “TraceMempool”: true, in the mainnet-config.json file.

Then something is wrong… u need to process tx like the relay

Open glive and press P … is the relay IP address there?

Ok, I will look into that, thanks! I didn’t think that they block producer processed any TX other than when it made its own.

Nope, should process as well

Sorry I didn’t notice this request for info. The block producer has the relay on the OUT but on the IN it is listing

I did find a typo in one of the topology scripts on my relay node, had the wrong IP address for the block producer node. I corrected it and reran the script, and also but did not notice a change.