I got leader:1 and adopted:1 but no minted the block

I got leader:1 and adopted:1 on my gLiveview but can’t see the block in adapools.org

what is the ticker?

I think it was stolen… if you are using cncli… u should see it

please confirm this was the slot/block

what makes the block stolen? is there something that I did wrong?

Block status

  • Leader : Scheduled to make block at this slot
  • Ideal : Expected/Ideal number of blocks assigned based on active stake (sigma)
  • Luck : Leader slots assigned vs ideal slots for this epoch
  • Adopted : Block created successfully
  • Confirmed : Block created validated to be on-chain with the certainty set in cncli.sh for CONFIRM_BLOCK_CNT
  • Missed : Scheduled at slot but no record of it in CNCLI DB and no other pool has made a block for this slot
  • Ghosted : Block created but marked as orphaned and no other pool has made a valid block for this slot → height battle or block propagation issue
  • Stolen : Another pool has a valid block registered on-chain for the same slot
  • Invalid : Pool failed to create block, base64 encoded error message can be decoded with echo <base64 hash> | base64 -d | jq -r

I’m not really technical here but what should I have to do to avoid my block to be stolen?

To pray :))) … it’s nothing to do in this case… it was a battle and the small VRF won

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Hello Alex,
I missed the block again but this time the slot in Epoch can’t be found in the blockchain
it seems that no one minted the block.
The slot in epoch is 86798 which is the the slot I was supposed to mint.
Thank you for helping

it means it was ghosted… did u installed chrony?