Missed block, scheduled but minted by another SPO

My pool was scheduled to mint a block 8359096. As i checked this morning it was not showing in pool.pm, than I saw another SPO minted that block. However executing ./gLiveView.sh
on my producer node showed me: Leader:1 , Adopted:1
Pool was upgraded prior to that to version 1.35.5

Pooltool does not display your block as a slot battle. Maybe it did not propagate?

Have you got connections in/out of your relay?

You need to check the logs. That gLiveView.sh view always shows all blocks as “Adopted”, even if they are not.
I also lost a slot battle yesterday and it is not shown on pooltool.io, even if usually my lost slot battles are displayed.

If you want the “better” view in gLiveView.sh, you need to run cncli.sh sync and cncli.sh validate as services or somehow in background (screen, tmux). See below:
Screenshot from 2023-02-05 21-25-18