First Block Ever Minted: Leader 1, Adopted 0, Confirmed 0, Missed 0, Stolen 0

Hello team, I have never had been elected before and do not understand what is going on. My bp minted a block but gLive shows Adopted 0, Confirmed 0, Missed 0, Stolen 0 Please see print screen.
I can see my block and my pool on Pooltool and cardanoscan: 6693513 311 / 310853 12/30/2021 4:05:44 AM 2 hours ago 19 Kairos1
It is clearly I have produced this block but why gLive does not show correct metric or I am missing something and I did not produced it?

2021-12-30 05_49_34-cardano_cnode_scripts

You are not using the cncli as systemd (automatically) so u must run again

./ sync
./ init

now u should be able to see the block in glive


Bro do you ever sleep?
Thank you for help. That worked. That was my first block. 3333.33 Luck :)))))))
2021-12-30 06_02_59-cardano_cnode_scripts

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You’re welcome, :beers: