Missed Block - Why?

Hello. I just recently updated to 1.34.1 from 1.33.0 and just ended up missing a block I was supposed to mint today. It shows as adopted in gliveview but I’m seeing nothing on pool.pm, adapools, or pooltool. I’ve never had this happen before. Any ideas on where to even start my research on as to why this happened? Also would it be possible to revert nodes back to 1.33.0 instead as a hot fix?

We updated to 1.34.1 from 1.33.0 5 days ago and have not minted a block yet on 1.34.1.

What is the ticker?
Cntools or coincashew?


Hello! TSC Stake Pool and we use coincashew. This is what adapools looks like for our slotleader location

You lost the block (orphaned)…

sometime it happens :frowning: I had more before… but anyway the pool is working well :beers:

Thank you for looking into this!

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Yw, if u want to read more about…

Hi Alex,

I have orphaned blocks now and then.
Do you know of improvements I can make to decrease the chance of orphaned blocks?

Kind regards,
Ties Voskamp

What is the ticker?

Hi Alex, it is STAYK

Hmm… I see this block orphaned but you can’t do anything to prevent… if u search for other pools you will see same issue (I had many blocks orohaned in the past)