Modern Money & Public Purpose 5: Constitutional History

Much food for thought in terms of governance. Key question, should hodlers of coin govern the treasury? This is all about money creation, and I claim that any community that uses a “coin” needs to deal with these questions. The ability to create new species of money is powerful indeed, but like any powerful technology, it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to make it safe. In the past, centralized control systems did it in a different way and move to outlaw or make un-economic anything that competed.

If this stuff is to become the core of a transformation towards more economic justice, we will want to begin to address these questions long before it becomes a practical necessity. The more we think about this now, the better we make the long term case for value.

Totally agreed, these questions are very very relevant. But the modern-day issue is debt, many people got suffered to pay off their debts and won’t get the debt relief. I got a few solutions, which are good enough. But this debt issue must be discussed.