Economic Policy

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I posted this in the telegram group, but thought I’d stick it here where it’s less ephemeral :sweat_smile:.

Watching Charles’ recent interview yesterday reinforced a lot of what I really like about Cardano - the technical approach & long-term vision particularly. There was some discussion about USDT and pegged assets, which in the context of this ( article leaves me feeling similarly st sea about economic impact & effects of decentralised currency as I did about core blockchain tech the first time I saw it. The level of technical expertise within IOHK & the cardano foundation is very definitely of the highest calibre, is there a plan to do the same with economic theory/chain policy to achieve the long term goals of banking the unbanked etc?

Is there an equivalent process to peer review for macro economic policy? Just like cryptography it’s a highly specialised domain that is critical to success


Very good point. The technology is trying to solve economic problems. We need thought leaders to re-design economic policy with this new technology. Cardano would do well to hire a few philosophers, political scientists, and economists and avoid having a team comprised of only computer scientists.

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