Multi site stake pool

Hi all,
I am new to cardano, and I want to run a stake pool. Delving deeper into the guides, I found out that cloud is mostly preferred to home machines. Looking also at the existing stake pools, most of them are running in the cloud.

However, I liked the idea of forming a stake pool with some other friends of mine who have a developer/Dev OPS background.

The concept is that everyone is running his own node(relay or producer) from his home.
Is this setup valid?

I found some basic limitations, for example, that you need a static IP and you can provide DNS name during stakepool registration. But what about the relay nodes? Can one node connect to another based on the DNS name?

Are there any guides focusing on this kind of multi site stake pool?


There are no limitations:

U will need a static ip for each node, otherwise each time when the ip will change u will need to register again the nodes with the new ip address
U can register ur nodes to use ipv4 or dns
If u all want to run a single pool then 1 single Producer is necessary

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There is no problem to run the pool from home with dynmaic dns.

I use ddns with my host: