Stake Pool Creation

Hi - I am planning to create a stake pool. I was going through instructions. I have doubts on this specific instructions, if anyone can help.

  1. 8.1 requires homepage address. Do I really need a website? What if I just create gist and give fake website as I don’t have one.
  2. Do you need 500 ADA to register the pool? I thought it was about 1 or 2.
  3. 5. Generate your stake pool keys — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation - Is it a mandate to run relay node and block producing node on different servers? Can we run them on same machine?
  4. Is there a easier mechanism for creating alerts using AWS inbuilt features like cloud watch etc?

Yes you need a website.

  1. You can use github or you can also create an S3 bucket and set it up as a website.
  2. Yes you need 500 ADA to register the pool
  3. You might be able to run both on the same server but it is not recommended. I think the point of having the them in separate instances is to protect your block producer from DDOS attacks and also to provide high availability. With multiple nodes in separate instances if 1 relay goes down in an AZ or region the other relay can still contact the BP.
  4. You can create alerts using cloudwatch I haven’t done this though I just use a separate instance running grafana + prometheus to monitor the nodes and trigger alerts (I haven’t set the triggering alerts part yet I think I need to configure SES to send emails.)

Actually you need a place for storing the metadata.json file. github is ok for that. the website can be just an address without actual content - but later is worth to put some info there.

Thanks, that helps. So even if I write a fake address for website, it should work, I believe?

yes - since it can happen that your site is under “maintenance”:slight_smile:

Just one note on that: The 500 ADA is just a deposit. You get it back if you decide to retire the pool some time later.

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