Multiple pools on one relay node


I noticed some bigger pool holders with 3 to 4 pools (ccv, ccv2, ccv3, ccv4 and itc, itc2, itc3) are running their block producer for each pool on a different server but connect to a single relay node. Is this a good practice? Since 2 relay’s are advised per block producer.

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It is recommended to have 2 relays, and a requirement for Cardano Foundation delegation.

There is also another possibility, that they have one publicly listed relay and other private ones.

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I see,
Is there a public possibility to check for private relay nodes on a pool?

If they indeed only use one relay for 3 pools. And all systems work well, this would mean a huge difference in server and electricity costs.

Thanks for the info.

Not really. Maybe if you had access to their internet service provider’s data and could do some analysis of their internet traffic.

I’m going to email them and just ask :smile:
You never know they’re willing to share :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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If they can handle the connections from other nodes, then I don’t see an issue there, but in most cases, larger pools will have public (registred) and private relays, just in case someone wants to ddos them. Also, due to the P2P, larger pools will get more incoming connections (correct me if i’m wrong), therefore multipool/large pol owners are not interested to register all relays on blochain.

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As expected they are not willing to give this information by saying they cannot answer on technical questions :pensive: