My block producing node is not processing transactions for a while after restart

How soon it supposed to start processing transactions? I saw it starting doing that after 20+ hours. All relays are connected to it and they are processing a lot of transactions.

Screenshot from 2023-04-23 23-04-36

Have you got the trace mempool flag turned off on your BP?

Yes I have. I do see the transactions being processed after a while. It is just the long delay before they start happening bothers me.

Is it on or off? If it is off, you won’t see the transaction count on the BP (just want to clarify/double check).

Not related but I see you have 6 incoming connections and 5 outgoing. How many relays do you have?

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I’ve got 4 relays. 1 node for keeping hot wallet keys and there is one connection for DB sync

Sorry, I have it on. The transactions end up coming, just after many hours after restart.

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