No TXs processed

My core and relay nodes are fully synced with 1 peer for core and 5 peers for relay but there aren’t any transactions being processed. I checked my topology and everything looks fine.

Does anyone know how I can diagnose this issue?

Sounds like it might be a port issue. Your nodes will stay in sync as they can make outbound connections, but they cannot process inbound transactions if the relay port(s) are closed to inbound traffic.

Check your relays using this tool to ensure your relay ports are open (make sure the nodes are indeed running):

Can you confirm whether or not the relay ports are open to inbound connections?

Here is a guide to addressing port firewall rules:

Relays are open to public port 6000
and core IP address

You on testnet or mainnet?

Did you register your relay nodes, when you created your stake pool?

You need to have one relay connected to your relay. If no relay is connected to your relay you cannot transmit anything.

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I’m on mainnet

Stake pools are registered and my 2 relays are connected to 5 peers and my core node

I’m using public ip to make sure I don’t have any issues with ports till I learn everything I need then I’ll start fresh install of the nodes with more security

Yes ports 6000 are open

Yeah something’s off. Your nodes are able to receive processed transactions, but other nodes are not able to receive yours.

As @Nirvana stated, you will need to have at least one relay connected to your relay. Double check you registered your relay nodes when registering your pool(s).

Also, were you able to get your relays into other operator’s relay topology by chance? This will be important as well to maximize network connectivity to your cluster(s)

You can imagine it like that. The other relais talk to your relais. But your relais is anywhere connect. So it can’t transmit anything. You need to inter connect everything.

Like this, other relais <=> your relay <=> block node. If the block node isn’t connected to your relay it will receive data but can’t it send back. So the transmission is stuck on zero.

If you want more information about how i manage my topology, you can find it here

Peer list of both relays have 5 peers including the core node. The core node has 2 peers for each relay node. I also checked the ports and they all show established.

did you check the ports are open from an external source such as a port checker tool linked above?

I used sudo lsof -i -p -n

Shows the ip and ports as established

You only have 5 peers on your relays - that’s a problem that would indicate invalid port config, not enough 3rd party relays in your topology, and/or your relays not in enough 3rd party topologies

Sorry if this is bad practice, but I was wondering if you ever figured out what your issue was?
I am having almost the same issue. Ports are open and I can see them using the site, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what is wrong. Everything I read seems to make it seem like the BP node should just start processing right away, mine has not processed a single one in two day since I went live.

Hello Momo1990, have you resolved your issue? If yes, please could you share? Thanks

This is just for reference for those who are searching this issue. As I have just dealt with it on Pixel pools test-net recently.

If all the correct ports are open and you have in and out connections to your nodes it’s possible that it’s due to your config.json

In config.json (aka mainnet-config.json or testnet-config.json)
look for:
"TraceMempool": false
change this to
"TraceMempool": true

Please note that keeping this as false reduces memory and cpu usage which is great but it has the side affect turning of tx processed and other debug info in the shell script off. I believe it’s best to kept this as true for debugging issues.

Some operators set this to false on relay nodes for performance reasons.